MichelleAndersenWhen we started working together, I was really at a loss about my own desire. I was in a huge frustrated place, especially in my marriage: I didn’t know where to turn. I was also really worried about the connection between sexuality and my business and money. Looking at my own behaviors was huge — I didn’t know how sick I was in my own lifestyle. I don’t think I was aware of how hard I was on myself, and how hard I was working to keep myself from getting what I wanted: I had cut myself off from good times in so many ways.

The sex and money connection has been huge for my business. I made a plan and then opportunities started arriving for sales; it’s kind of like magic! I’ve started seeing things opening up, and I feel myself becoming more of a leader. I love seeing how all of these things really do connect: personal life, business, sex, money and power.  Amy Jo is a great listener and is really insightful; she really knows how to meet people where they are.

Going into this, my fear was whether I trusted myself. There were several things I hesitated about, but I’ve got them all. I started to see some things I desire sexually that I didn’t know about and new things I was able to describe. We played out one of the fantasies I mentioned–it was really fun, made us laugh a  lot and we got the chance to show ourselves in a new way. This work has planted a seed for play, and pleasure, and desire for me that will unfold for a long time. I’m bringing it in and designing my life so I can have some play!”

- Michelle Andersen, private coaching client


EmilyVolden“I felt your message about a year ago at Be the Change.  Your words called me forth to step into my own sexual empowerment and take the risk of embracing my  inner truth and my yoni’s calling by signing up for your sexual empowerment program.  My life changed drastically…I broke code with that simple “sign-up“.  With the support of the circle you created, I set off a truth bomb that has burned away much of what hasn’t served me in my life and my relationships. 

As I stand in the ashes, I feel the richness of the earth beneath me, absorbing, renewing and recycling.  I want to thank you for being my teacher and for helping me to find my inner teacher, for holding a space for women’s sexual empowerment and for helping me to find a space within me that cultivates sexual empowerment, and for continuing to honor your message, your movement and inspiring me to honor my own message, my movement.  Sexual empowerment is now central to the work I do in the world and it’s part of my identity.  Thank you for starting your movement.  Thank you for sharing it with me and for inviting me to continue to support your work and your message.  You are a force!  A change agent!  A seriously beautiful person!”

- Emily Volden, Your Sexually Empowered Life program participant


LorraineReichert“When I started this work, I was at a point where I was exceptionally frustrated in my relationship. I struggled with the concrete limits and feeling like M. wasn’t able to go there with me. We had tried couples counseling and ultimately it didn’t work. I realized I was not okay where I was at and I needed to do more for me. Also, I don’t want my children to go through the struggles I’ve gone through. I want to be a better parent and role model to my own children and that has been one of the core pieces of the work I have done in the last year.

My shadow session was huge for me. I was not prepared for the feelings that came out that day! I haven’t really been the same since. It was really eye-opening for me. I look at me differently now than I did before. As a teacher, the way I interact with my (adult) students has fundamentally changed because of my own self-awareness. Who I am and how I interact with people as a sex educator and as a woman is different: I am much more involved, I provide the information in a more personal, interactive, real way. Because I’ve done work on myself personally, it’s making me more effective as a teacher.

Working with you has been an eye-opening experience. You are open, forthright, frank, honest, sometimes hardcore, and always compassionate. You opened up my eyes to so much it wasn’t even funny… I thought I was liberal and educated as far as sexuality goes. I never really delved into the ME part of it. You really opened up my eyes to where I fit into the whole scheme of things. Fitting me into the equation of my life, relationships, and future—my perception of that has changed since working with you. I never would have gotten that from working with someone else. You have given me something that the counselors I’ve worked with have not been able to give me: You understand me and who I am meant to be.

- Lorraine R., private coaching client


“When I came to your 2013 New Year’s ritual, I saw women who looked as lost and scared as I felt a year ago before I signed on as your client. Through those women, I got to see just how much I’ve changed in the past 12 months. I started working with you because I wanted to feel alive – to have a sensual life – with or without a partner. You’re not Mother Theresa, and you’re also not a ballbuster. You’re really consistent. And you call me on my stuff with the right degree of compassion and nudginess.>

 25 years of psychotherapy… paying someone every week to agree with how broken I was. I can’t regret that time that I spent in therapy, because it prepared me to do this work with you. But I’ve gotten amazing tools and assignments from you, the feedback, wherewithal and encouragement that allowed me to transform my life.  People have so many opportunities to feel love and sexual pleasure and they just squander them. That’s what I had always witnessed from afar. Yes, so much time has been lost… but so much time is available. 

 I’ve stepped out of being a victim. This was a goal that had seemed so elusive. I still have that lost little girl to love, but now we’re on this amazing, sexy journey together. I started out wanting to feel ‘normal’ and I now feel extraordinary – a priceless freedom. You have guided me to accountability and choice – my new personal (and fun??!) keys to feeling truly alive.”

- Cynthia S., private coaching client 

Going All the Way: Sex & Money Intensive

“I feel as though my perspective has shifted and expanded in the most amazing ways. I am more confident in all areas in my life, some are visible on a more subtle level and some are more apparent. This experience helped solidify in my consciousness that when you are not confident in your own abilities and talents you are giving away your power.

My job situation has greatly improved due to this work. I had been operating from a fear-based mentality and my mind was running the story over and over that I was going to be trapped in this unsatisfactory work environment forever. Since I shifted my perspective, I am able to go into my current situation and learn the lessons I am there to learn, operating from a place that is filled up and abundant, knowing this is only temporary. I am raising my vibration and my thoughts to match the place where I want to be while loving the place I am in now.”

- Andi, Going All the Way: Sex & Money Intensive participant


MaryMurphy“I have been wanting to thank you for all the powers of manifestation that I’ve activated in my life since the Going All The Way course. I loved the class and the tools you shared with us. Especially helpful was the assignment Amy Jo gave me before I even signed up: to list 50 ways I could bring money into my life. Using that list, I’ve manifested 4 new income streams into my life (and counting…), all of which earn me more per hour than my old day job and are more fulfilling to my soul. My sex life has taken off like a Fourth of July fireworks display full of outrageous flirtation, deep giving, abundant receiving, sweetly open hearts and adventurous new experiences. I feel more deeply in touch with my authentic power than I have in a long time.

When I was deciding whether or not to sign up for the teleclass I wondered if you’d really have anything new to say that I hadn’t heard before from other books and teachers. I took the chance anyway and I’m so glad I did! The deep attitudinal shifts that I learned in this course are serving me so well. I return to the MP3s of the calls when I need reinforcement and they are always very reassuring and motivational. The wisdom that you shared about how successful people make decisions quickly and seldom change them is also creating some deep shifts in my habits as I move forward.”

- Mary M., Going All the Way: Sex & Money Teleclass participant

Sex-Money-Power Women’s Weekend

unnamed“To be honest, when I signed up for the weekend, I was kind of nervous. Although I knew I wanted breakthroughs in this area, given the subject matter, I was concerned that I would be very uncomfortable in a room full of women I did not know.

Having just finished the weekend, I am so glad I attended. It was just what I needed at this point in my life. Amy Jo is a skilled facilitator and I loved the rich experience that the weekend was. The deep quality of conversation and beautiful interaction with amazing, like-minded women was refreshing. To recognize that I am not alone in my struggles was a deep relief. There were tears and some deep work, and there was also a lot of fun and laughs.

Amy Jo led the workshop in creative, interesting and unexpected ways that enabled me to look at some dark shadows in my life without collapsing into them or feeling shame around them but instead growing empowered to change and to shift patterns, habits and responses that are no longer working for me.”
- Bethany Kelly

KrisHannah“I’ve been shy, introverted, a so called good girl and I’ve also suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life. [...] I was lucky enough to participate in a workshop that Amy Jo led last summer at MichFest, and WOW – staring me in the face was my answer. I knew that I needed to switch my focus and tap into my sexuality and the powerful woman I always knew was inside me.

The self-exploration, the sharing and the activities really challenged me and I found myself succeeding and blossoming before my eyes and everybody else’s. Amy Jo has got a great style. She’s so loving and supportive, she’s so skillful and she’s got a great intuition at knowing when I needed to be pushed just a little harder.

Thank you Amy Jo and your team a thousand times for providing support and this amazing experience that allowed me to come out of my shyness and helped me to start to love myself.”
- Kristen H