Our team of program coordinators is available to speak to people who have read about Amy Jo’s work, resonate with her approach, and want to discuss working with her (whether privately or in a group setting) to go further in their sexual life. Amy Jo’s work is unique and very different from anything else that’s out there — if you are looking for a $100/hour therapist or someone who does individual sessions, this isn’t the solution for you. The work takes significant investment of time, money and energy because the work is intensive and the results are transformational. If you are ready to move forward, talking 1-on-1 is our next step.

Before you proceed, we ask that you read through the following pages:
The Making of a Sexual Empowerment Coach
About coaching with me
What people are saying

The above pages describe in detail the kinds of issues that Amy Jo helps people with, what it’s like to work with her and our team, and who our clients are. This work is not for everyone, and it’s important to find out if we are a good fit for one another.

If you’ve read the above information and you resonate with it, we invite you to schedule a time to speak with a program coordinator 1-on-1 where you can talk about what has drawn you to this. In a Sexuality Breakthrough Call, you can make a time to connect about whatever issues, challenges or frustrations you perceive in your sexual life and we’ll get clear on your vision for what you most want in your sexuality and relationships.

To begin, please fill out these questions thoughtfully to maximize the value of the call. We value your privacy–your responses and contact information won’t be shared with anyone else. After sending in your answers, you’ll be taken to a calendar where you can choose a time for your Sexuality Breakthrough Call.


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