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Happy Solstice! Hope your darkest, longest night of the year had you warm, happy and reflective. In true let-the-year-go form, I am sick as a new surfboard on perfect waves. Wish I felt that euphoric. Protect yourself from those germy shopping carts and door handles so you escape the nasty bugs running rampant this season!   

As we wind down the year, I am ever grateful for our growing tribe of enlightened people who are committed to living fully, loving their humanity, exploring their ecstasy and honoring their sexuality and all of their relationships. You are extraordinary, you know that? The work we do isn’t your everyday self-development journey. The average person never really thinks about these things, and yet you continue to boldly take life by the horns and ride.

If you want to ride wild with me into 2018, I would love to help you center your sexuality and all its parts at my 8th annual Manifesting Your Best Sexual Year Yet New Year’s Ritual & Workshop where I’ll be hosting my virtual ritual/workshop where we dive into the 7 areas of sexuality and help you plan for how you want to grow and experience them in 2018.
If you’ve never taken the time to hone in on this part of your life in your New Year’s rituals for setting yourself on track for the year, this year is the year! It’s incredible what opens up when you do. Please don’t miss it.

Stay tuned, as next week I will release my annual Sexual Year in Review for 2017. There were just **a couple** things that happened this year related to sexuality, so this one should be a quick read. 🙂

Happy Winter Solstice and have a lovely Christmahannukwanzadan, or however you choose to celebrate.
With warm apple cider, tides and greetings,  

Amy Jo
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All Genders Welcome
Friday January 12th, 1-3pm EST

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I have taught this in-depth workshop for 7 years running and it is a crowdpleasing favorite among many in my tribe! In this workshop and ritual, you will be able to really dive deep into examining your sexual growth and creating the vision for your sexuality in the coming year. I believe in taking the opportunities to celebrate our growth and set intentions with sexuality.

In this delicious New Year’s workshop & ritual, you will:

  • Explore the 7 areas of sexuality with depth and intention
  • Identify and release old habits and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Develop a clear vision of the sexual life and relationships you want to create in 2018
  • Experience a powerful ritual to step into your sexual power and confidence in the New Year
  • Enjoy celebrating the year’s beginning with other creative, inspiring and powerful folks from all over the world!

All genders are welcome in this virtual workshop and ritual. If you can’t attend live, you will receive a recording to watch anytime (and revisit throughout the year) with the relevant worksheets.

Early bird pricing of $39 ends December 31st, so join here, if you are felling it’s a yes, now!

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 Every New Year for the past seven years, I’ve offered an in-person workshop and ritual around manifesting the sexual life you dream of in the New Year. It’s a luscious and exciting way to step into 2018, dreaming about the kinds of relationships and sexual experiences you want to draw to you. I’ll be teaching the above virtual workshop and ritual LIVE in Southern California this year. 

Getting to be with you live and in person is preferable to virtual classes. There is so much more we can do in physical space. I love that virtually I can work with people around the world, but if you are in SoCal, please do join me live!

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The Best Sexual Year Yet in Encinitas, CA on January 13, 2018.  All genders welcome. 

The Best Sexual Year Yet in 2018 
A New Year’s Workshop & Ritual 
January 13th, 2018 from 2pm to 5pm
1156 Wild Canary Lane
Encinitas, CA  92924 

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