How does money relate to sexuality?

When we evoke the Fire Woman, we mean from the inside. It's been a very sad week in California with the fires raging in our canyons and so many people have lost their homes. I am sending love and tenderness to so many feeling so much loss. This is the "new abnormal" as our governor [...]

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My Birthday, Your Wildness

Last Nov. 9 was my birthday--a much better one than in 2016, the day after the election, possibly one of the most collectively depressing days in recent U.S. history. I'm a words-of-appreciation lover so I do love cards and letters if you feel moved to send me one at Mixed feelings this week as we [...]

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Releasing Your Sexual Armor

Hope you had a fun, ghoulish Halloween, or celebration of Day of the Dead. It is a time of year when the veils between the worlds are said to be thin and calling on your ancestors can be particularly powerful. I couldn't help myself and I dressed as a sexy patriot, a suffragette of sorts, [...]

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Two Sexual Abuse Operations Have Just Been Exposed

The Tower is falling. Last week two big organizations ostensibly dedicated to sexual evolution and skills building were brought to their knees. There are a lot of fakes--it's too easy to hang a shingle and call yourself a sex coach, sex educator, tantra practitioner or intimacy coach. It boils my blood sometimes. It is upsetting [...]

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Healing the Good Girl

I feel revived with hope. Before Fire Woman so much shit was smacking the walls, and the horror show of the Kavanaugh hearings was happening. Then I had the joy of spending three days with the perfect group of women who are ready to build something new inside themselves and to shed all the shrouds [...]

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Boys will be boys

Yesterday felt familiar. It felt like the day in 1991 when I was a senior in college at UCSB and I sat watching the confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas as Anita Hill was interviewed about the ways he had sexually harassed her. The discussions of porn. The pubic hair on her coke can. I have [...]

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I believe Christine Blasey Ford

At last, women are saying this is enough. Sexual violence will not be ignored or treated as business as usual. We will not stand by and blindly watch a new Supreme Court Justice be confirmed who assaulted a woman, no matter how young he was. That says a lot about who he is and who [...]

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What Surfaced From My Dark Night of the Soul

I've been quiet about what's been going on with me lately and I've got to tell you, it has been a dark night of the soul for sure. We all have them. Usually, for me, they happen when I am not doing what I really want to be doing in my life, or not spending my [...]

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The Archetype of the Fire Woman

The Woman On Fire, The Fire Woman is a powerful archetype, a woman who owns all of who she is without apology. What does “without apology” mean? She makes her choices and follows her own internal compass no matter what others throw at her. She doesn’t say she’s sorry for being, for her choices, for [...]

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Where Does the Unknown Scare You?

This week I was teaching a class on the body in my Fire Woman Program. I gave the women a body ritual to do and none of those present had done it, which I thought was odd. The ritual involves letting go of the negative ideas, thoughts and behaviors about your body so you can [...]

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