When A Sex Goddess Claims Her Desire

So you wanna be a Sex Goddess? Be doted on and fonded over, rubbed and nourished, fucked and fed? Here is something to know about a Sex Goddess: she never feels bad about her desires and she has no reason to hold herself back. She is unabashed in her desires and she gets her prowess [...]

Heteronormativity is NOT the same as Heterosexuality

Well, here we are in the age of marriage equality. Right? Or are there more things to consider?

Excerpt from Woman On Fire: Pilar’s Journey to Her Sexual Voice

I literally found my voice ‘between the sheets’–to ask for what I wanted, talk dirty, play around and be completely open with my feelings and needs.

The Trans* Movement: An Opportunity for All of Us To “Transition”

We are in such an important moment in time around gender. In the twenty years I’ve been in the sexuality field, the literature around gender, and in particular, transgender issues has erupted into a field of serious study and we have learned so much, yet we are still only seeing the tip of the iceberg. [...]

My Journey to Orgasm & What It Got Me

Being disenfranchised from my genitals meant disenfranchisement from my sexuality.

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“Cheating” is Not a Black and White Affair

Affairs are a common way people are forced to face how they are living and relating.

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The 5 Most Common Orgasm Issues That Keep Us From Our Pleasure

There are about five super common ways women hold themselves back from pleasure and orgasm—I would say so common, that if they were considered a public health issue (which is debatable) they would be called an epidemic. Let’s talk about the most common reasons why women hold back, and do not experience the orgasms and [...]

How Microaggressions Shut Down Desire

Why do we put each other down about desire? When did desire become the thing that proves a person’s low worth?

Where Arousal, Willingness and Desire Meet

For too long, we have followed a male model of sex and sexuality.

Get Sexually Conscious Now!

Sexual Empowerment Coach Amy Jo Goddard shares her insights and wisdom about sexuality and authenticity with Patricia and Stu. Amy Jo challenges and inspires us to evolve sexually, transcending shame, guilt and other limiting beliefs that keep us from a more fulfilling life. Great conversation!