The Vulvalution Must Be Televised!

Every time I teach a group of women about their sexual bodies, genitals and pleasure, I am reminded how revolutionary it is (still) to talk about our bodies in a sex-positive way because we just do not have the role modeling for it. If you do not partner with other people with vulvas, when do [...]

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The Greatest Sexual Lie Ever Told

I am continually amazed at the negativity people carry about their sexuality and at how much they will disconnect and defect from this part of themselves, as if it is outside of us. Your sexuality is the core of who you are. It is the place where you came from, when there was a conception, [...]

The Debate Over Female Desire and the New "Desire Drugs"

We all get fed a very specific story about sexuality in the media, in the way sexuality is taught in schools and universities, in the way medicine is practiced, in the way sex is talked about (and not talked about), and in how sex is portrayed in movies, television and in porn. That story is [...]

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The Debate Over Female Desire and the New Desire Drugs

The story of sexuality often one of a linear model that doesn’t fit women’s real sexual experience.

4 Truths About Female Ejaculation: The Debate Continues

People with penises ejaculate. People with vulvas ejaculate. People ejaculate as a sexual response to things that make them feel good. At the end of the day, that’s what is most important.

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Is Your Sexuality Worth More Than Your Car?

The other day I spoke to a woman on the phone who was interested in coaching with me. She was a perfect fit for my work and one of those classic mirrors; she had been through a divorce that had uncanny similarities to my own. I knew I could help her in a big way [...]

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When Erections Are Elusive

Men who learn to use their fingers, hands, mouths and brains in sex will be far less destabilized when erectile difficulties crop up. They know they have many tools of pleasure at the ready and they will use them rather than the alternative: avoiding sex altogether.

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The Vulnerability of Healing

Most people are not open about health and processes of healing. We’ve been taught that these are private matters. They are also a place of extreme vulnerability and most people do not want to be that vulnerable, be seen as vulnerable, or even know how to be.

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Coming Out About Uterine Fibroids

What has been astounding to me is how many women have fibroids and how little we know about them. Women don’t talk about them. Once I started sharing that I had them, so many women said, “Oh yeah, me too.” “I had the surgery last year.” “I hate my periods.” It seemed like everyone around me was affected. It is estimated that anywhere from 20% to 80% of women will get fibroids.

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