Understanding the Sexual Voice

The sexual voice is two-fold: We all have an internal voice and an external voice.

Planning Makes Sex Hot: How to Have the Sexy Year of Your Dreams in 2015

Somehow the idea that sex shouldn’t require effort has seeped into our psyches and that idea prevents us from taking the time or energy to make it hotter, better and more fulfilling.

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Understanding Sexual Evolution: a conversation with Destin Gerek

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Sexual Agency in a Sex-Negative World

I believe sex-negativity refers to the cultural, social and psychological view that sexuality is by nature shameful, harmful, or vile, and therefore, that it should be repressed, policed or otherwise controlled.

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Your Journey to Sexual Wholeness: Coming home to your sexual self

Accept the journey you have been on. Accept the choices you have made, and know that you can begin to make new and different choices now that will be in service to your greater growth, highest sexual, and spiritual good.

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Your Journey to Sexual Wholeness: Where to go next…

When you walk through these gates, don’t forget to breathe in the spaciousness, and bask in the joy of exploration. This is the fun part!

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Facing the Shadows: Healing with ShadowWork®

A note from Amy Jo: This week I'm pleased to share a guest article by my friend and colleague Karin Green, who is my co-creatrix in the Healing Sexual Trauma Weekend we'll be offering in Seattle this fall. Karin's article describes some of the healing perspectives and opportunities that ShadowWork offers. ShadowWork changed my life and the chance to [...]

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The 6 Most Common Reasons Women Ask for Sexual Support

I thought I’d share some of our preliminary research findings with you because these six things are the focus of so many conversations I have and they are the concerns that are taking up space in so many women’s minds when it comes to sexuality.

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Me and Dan Savage Disagree about Desire

I listened to the show Dan Savage did a couple weeks ago where he addressed a 38-year-old virgin, desire, and romantic matches, and I want to take it from another angle.

The 5 Biggest Fears About Desire

I want to share my observations on the 5 most common fears that I have seen stop people in their tracks when it comes to desire!