Is Your Sexuality Worth More Than Your Car?

The other day I spoke to a woman on the phone who was interested in coaching with me. She was a perfect fit for my work and one of those classic mirrors; she had been through a divorce that had uncanny similarities to my own. I knew I could help her in a big way [...]

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How Are Sex and Money Connected?

This week I sponsored at an event hosted by one of my coaches and since I am beginning to launch some work that connects sex and money, I was asked over and over again, “How exactly are sex and money connected?” I found myself explaining some of the myriad ways they are connected and decided [...]

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Why Invest in Your Sexuality?

I assist people with one of the most important least talked about aspects of their lives. I work to help people change harmful relationship patterns and sexual practices so that they can have more pleasure, better sex, deeper intimacy, and ultimately, live more fulfilled lives.

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