The 5 Major Myths About Sex and Money

This material is adapted from Amy Jo’s teleclass, “The 10 Ways Sex and Money Are Connected.” I want to share the five major myths about sexuality with you, and in the spirit of looking at the connections between sex and money, I think you’ll be surprised at the ways these myths overlap. 1. “Sex is [...]

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Talking About Taboos

What is something that is true for you about sex or money that you are not speaking right now?

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Sex & Money 101

As I continue to incorporate the connection between Sex and Money into my work, I am asked over and over again, “How exactly are sex and money connected?” I found myself explaining some of the myriad ways they are connected and decided if they had those questions, you probably do too. It’s not always immediately [...]

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Someone Called Me a “Slut” at My Business Conference

I am often amazed at what people think it’s okay to say to others, especially people who are perfect strangers. I was a sponsor at a business event last week and a woman came up to me at my booth and said, “Are you the sex lady? You’re a real slut aren’t you?”

My Video Report from Be the Change

Here I am, reporting in from Suzanne Evans's amazing Be the Change event in Orlando, FL, where over 900 entrepreneurs gathered last week. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to sponsor at the event -- my team and I created a luscious booth experience for the event attendees, including our sex & [...]

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Five Reasons People Stay In Shame Around Money & Sex

1. The lie of "Not enough ain't good enough" You learned that there is something wrong or bad about you if you don't have enough money or enough sex. You learn this from a very young age. With sex, you're taught to have lots of sex, to be uber-sexual and to say "Yes", yet you [...]

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Five Reasons People Go into Shame Around Money & Sex

Sex and money are the two things we are judged about more than just about anything. They touch nearly every aspect of our lives in some way and they are linked to how we show up in relationship.

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50 Shades of Sexual Self-Care

This morning I was interviewed by a reporter who wanted me to talk about BDSM and the “50 Shades” phenomenon. I woke early to make myself read more of 50 Shades of Grey because I didn’t feel well-prepared to talk about it. As I was reading, what I realized was this: a huge part of [...]

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The Power of Speaking the Unspeakable

How often do you filter yourself and prevent yourself from speaking up about something that needs to be spoken? The world would be completely different if we were all fully self-expressed. That doesn’t mean everything has to be said, because it doesn’t and learning what doesn’t need to be said can be as important as [...]

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50 Shades of Sexual Self-Care

Part of taking over your own agency is that you learn how to take care of yourself, and it starts with your own sexual self-care. If you can’t show up for your own body and sexuality, how do you intend that other people will? YOU must lead.

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