The Sexually Empowered Entrepreneur

Amy Jo Goddard, Sexual Empowerment Coach, talks about bringing her sexuality work to the entrepreneur world.

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The importance of an opulent sex life

Amy Jo Goddard talks about the benefits of creating an opulent life full of beauty.

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Sex + Money: The Two Pillars of Joy

There are two things we don’t teach young people about, and that we do a poor job of teaching adults about. They are the two things we need most...

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Increasing your creative flow

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Is Your Diploma in "Not Enough"?

Women go to People Pleaser University, they specialize in Caretaking 101, and they graduate with a diploma in “Not Enough”. Even the most powerful feminists are not immune to this unwritten curriculum.

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What’s the Value of Your Sex Life?

I watch people make commitments to all sorts of other things and yet refuse to make the same or even a fraction of that commitment to their sexuality.

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What Does Sexual Power Actually Mean?

When there is a shared power that feels healthy and good for both partners in a relationship, you can then have more freedom to play with power sexually. Power is always part of sex.

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It’s time to get off the wall!

Live from the Carolina seashore, I'm talking to you today about the 5 confidence types and the highest expression of your own unique confidence style. Whether you crave the bold expression of the Power Player, the energy of the Warm Connector, the mystique of the Enigma, the humor of the Sassy Skeptic... watch this video [...]

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The Geography of Confidence

It’s funny, but I’ve made some sense of the coastal/regional differences with confidence types, so here’s my take.

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Is Your Diploma in "Not Enough?"

We’ve all heard about the historical legacy of women not making as much money as men for the same jobs—a pattern that (not) surprisingly still exists today. Part of the reason is that women are afraid to ask for raises or more money and are apologetic about it when they do; whereas, men make no [...]

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