Sex, Love, and Belonging

Historically speaking, love and belonging are relatively new motivations for sex.

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5 Ways Your Self-Esteem Impacts Your Sexuality

At it’s core, self-esteem is about holding ourselves in esteem—liking oneself. Do you wake up each day and love being you? Do you support you?

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So You Want a Great Relationship?

If you’ve never had a serious relationship with someone else, look at how commitment shows up in your life, or how YOU show up for COMMITMENT.

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When Women "Don’t Like" Other Women

The way I see it, there are three primary reasons why women avoid spending time with other women.

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I’m Coming Out Poly

I think the world is changing. People are questioning the default rules they’ve been living by and are making their own way. People do poly in so many ways.

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Why "Good Guys Finish Last"

As a sex coach, I’ve been talking to A LOT of amazing, available heterosexual women about what they want in a man over the last several years, and I think it’s high time I talk to you guys about it. I co-wrote Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men nearly 15 years ago to help you out, and I’ve [...]

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How much can you tolerate?

I think that it is really important to look at what you are tolerating.

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Are you sacrificing sex for your relationship?

Finally, the fifth biggest mistake that couples make about sex is that they settle for whatever they have, thinking it’s normal.

Is your sex life on auto-pilot?

If you've been in a relationship for a while, you might be thinking that just because you love your partner, great sex will automatically happen -- that's how it was at the beginning of the relationship, right?

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Skillful Sexual Communication in Couples

This material is adapted from Amy Jo's free telecall, "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make When It Comes to Sex... and What to Do About It." For so many years, I have heard stories from people--both men and women about their lost sexual lives, or about the sexual life they never had. I hear a [...]

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