“Cheating” is Not a Black and White Affair

Affairs are a common way people are forced to face how they are living and relating.

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If Valentine’s Day Were Self-Love Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, whatever your relationship to this sometimes hated, sometimes beloved holiday, how can you use it as an opportunity for self-love and authentic connection?

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Love is an Action

Is love a feeling or an action? Love requires activities that create the conditions that make it possible for it to exist.

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Running Away from Your Sex Life

Travel is awesome and it’s one of my biggest values in life, but a fancy, romantic vacation won’t save your sex life.

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Rebirthing Yourself Out of Loss

There is a simultaneous slowing down and a quiet in a place of loss, and a quickening as life continues to move around and in you, urging you forward into your best self.

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Will You Forsake Your Sexuality for Security?

I speak to women all the time who are facing a major dilemma about how they’ve set up their lives: they have chosen a relationship that makes them feel safe, cared for, stable, and is a good place to raise their children

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What Does Sexual Power Actually Mean?

When there is a shared power that feels healthy and good for both partners in a relationship, you can then have more freedom to play with power sexually. Power is always part of sex.

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5 Reasons Why Most People Lack Sexual Confidence

When I ask people what they most want for their sexual lives, they often say they really want more confidence.

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Soulmate Search: How to Find “The One”

I think there are many potential “ones” and that we find the right one for the right time in our lives and place in our own growth process.

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Is Your Avoidance Getting You What You Want?

Avoidance will generally mean that you will not get your needs met or feel seen and heard in a relationship, because it ultimately will require others to read your mind or figure out what is going on without you telling them.

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