The Greatest Sexual Lie Ever Told

I am continually amazed at the negativity people carry about their sexuality and at how much they will disconnect and defect from this part of themselves, as if it is outside of us. Your sexuality is the core of who you are. It is the place where you came from, when there was a conception, [...]

The Confusion of Desire

What does it mean to desire, to “own your wanting”? What gets in the way of owning it, of saying “yes, this is what I want and I won’t feel bad about my wanting”?  We tend to want based on the wants of those with whom we’ve grown up, of the desires we’ve seen modeled. If we [...]

Get Sexy with Yourself

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6 Reasons Why Women Ask for Sexual Support

I designed the Your Sexually Empowered Life 9-month intensive to specifically address women's struggles and desires with sexuality. My team has been analyzing some of the data I’ve been collecting over the years for why women approach me. We’ve narrowed it down to six key issues that people want help with when they contact me and what they [...]

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The Plight of the Sexually Inexperienced Adult

There is a common sexual experience that few people talk about and yet is more pervasive than most people realize. Many adults are sexually inexperienced and this causes a slew of issues as they get further into adulthood, deeper into relationships and well past the age when they “think” they should know. How Do We [...]

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The 5 Reasons You’re Not Having The Best Sex Of Your Life

The 5 Reasons You're Not Having The Best Sex Of Your Life

Sexual Embodiment VS Technology

“By the time I put the kids to bed and finish everything I’ve been working on, the last thing I want to do is be sexual with my husband,” she said, as the women around her nodded in sympathetic assent. “To me, sex is the last chore of the day.” I was teaching a workshop on [...]

The Secret to Talking Openly About Sex

The problem with sex and sexual issues is that people keep them to themselves for the most part...

Understanding the Sexual Voice

The sexual voice is two-fold: We all have an internal voice and an external voice.