Excerpt from Woman On Fire: Pilar’s Journey to Her Sexual Voice

I literally found my voice ‘between the sheets’–to ask for what I wanted, talk dirty, play around and be completely open with my feelings and needs.

Why does he need porn when he has ME?

Porn in 2013 has become the ubiquitous other woman. The porn debate is intense and complex for many people. I hear people talk about the role they think porn is playing in their sexual lives and I’ve noticed a big pattern where many women feel like it gets in the way of their being able to be intimate with their partners. Maybe that’s true, but I think there are other factors going on that I want to address in this article.

Why Every Woman Has an Inner-Princess

She could be lurking deep in the shadows, or staring you right in the face, either way, the Damsel/Princess can be found inside of every woman!

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What Made You Become a Sexuality Professional?

SPECTRA is the program I never had and wished I did. It will help sexuality professionals connect with each other, develop their skills, and make more money doing exactly what they love so they can serve the world in a bigger way with their gifts.

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