Where Arousal, Willingness and Desire Meet

For too long, we have followed a male model of sex and sexuality.

The Debate Over Female Desire and the New Desire Drugs

The story of sexuality often one of a linear model that doesn’t fit women’s real sexual experience.

50 Shades of Pseudo Kink + How to Kink it Up Right

Sexual Empowerment Coach, Amy Jo Goddard, shares her thoughts on the 50 Shades of Grey film, and helps you have an empowered kinky life.

Planning Makes Sex Hot: How to Have the Sexy Year of Your Dreams in 2015

Somehow the idea that sex shouldn’t require effort has seeped into our psyches and that idea prevents us from taking the time or energy to make it hotter, better and more fulfilling.

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Sexual Agency in a Sex-Negative World

I believe sex-negativity refers to the cultural, social and psychological view that sexuality is by nature shameful, harmful, or vile, and therefore, that it should be repressed, policed or otherwise controlled.

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Racist Homicide Cannot Be Business As Usual #BlackLivesMatter #ItEndsToday

A country that routinely pardons a group of people who use their power over another group to kill them—and in that pardoning, excuses those murders—has serious problems.

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The importance of an opulent sex life

Amy Jo Goddard talks about the benefits of creating an opulent life full of beauty.

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Your Journey to Sexual Wholeness: Where to begin…

I know the fear that comes up. The “Can I really do this? Can I really have this? Is this real? Where do I start? What if I fail? What if I grow and then get rejected? What if other things in my life have to change?”

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Dancing Around Sexual Vulnerability

There are so many ways we run up against our vulnerability. We fight it because it feels tender and some might consider it “weak”—which couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Walking the Tightrope of Pleasure and Danger

In our sex-negative culture, doing the work that I do demands taking a stand for pleasure, for the freedom of erotic expression, and for accepting sexual vibrancy as part of our birthright.

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