Prince: The Ultimate Sexual Role Model?

Prince was an icon in a category of one. In his death, we’ve lost one of the greatest musicians to ever live. Not only was he a master musician playing over 20 instruments proficiently, if not expertly, he was also a beautiful singer who knew how to use all of the rooms in his voice [...]

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The Debate Over Female Desire and the New "Desire Drugs"

We all get fed a very specific story about sexuality in the media, in the way sexuality is taught in schools and universities, in the way medicine is practiced, in the way sex is talked about (and not talked about), and in how sex is portrayed in movies, television and in porn. That story is [...]

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The 5 Reasons You’re Not Having The Best Sex Of Your Life

The 5 Reasons You're Not Having The Best Sex Of Your Life

Sexual Embodiment VS Technology

“By the time I put the kids to bed and finish everything I’ve been working on, the last thing I want to do is be sexual with my husband,” she said, as the women around her nodded in sympathetic assent. “To me, sex is the last chore of the day.” I was teaching a workshop on [...]

The Secret to Talking Openly About Sex

The problem with sex and sexual issues is that people keep them to themselves for the most part...

Expanding Your Erotic Possibilities with Ecosexuality

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How to Plan the Perfect Sexcation

We need space for unfettered play, languorous mornings, lots of affection and flirtation, sex in unusual places and erotic thrills.

Excerpt from Woman On Fire: Pilar’s Journey to Her Sexual Voice

I literally found my voice ‘between the sheets’–to ask for what I wanted, talk dirty, play around and be completely open with my feelings and needs.

The 5 Most Common Orgasm Issues That Keep Us From Our Pleasure

There are about five super common ways women hold themselves back from pleasure and orgasm—I would say so common, that if they were considered a public health issue (which is debatable) they would be called an epidemic. Let’s talk about the most common reasons why women hold back, and do not experience the orgasms and [...]

How Microaggressions Shut Down Desire

Why do we put each other down about desire? When did desire become the thing that proves a person’s low worth?