Fire Woman Retreat


"The more whole we are as sexual beings, the more fulfilled we are as human beings."

Amy Jo Goddard

Host of Fire Woman Retreat

The Fire Woman Retreat is a unique three-day event designed to give us space to witness, explore and revel in our sexual natures, and to help women and non-binary folks break through the things that hold us back from being who we really are as sexual people.

It's Time.

We are gathering and creating a new paradigm.

Are you ready to own your sexuality? 

To reclaim it, heal it, and celebrate it? 

Are you ready for more pleasure, power and play?

If you answered "yes" to any part of that, Fire Woman Retreat is for YOU.

The connection between spirituality and sexuality is central at Fire Woman. 

As we are in this #MeToo wave, asking ourselves where we go next, how we heal and what we need to do to create a deep powerful cultural shift, there is no more important place to be than with other women who are standing for ourselves and ready for change.

We are gathering again for Fire Woman and this year our focus will be this vision of our collective power and sexual agency. Together we are powerful. With support, we can own our power and sexuality in a totally different way and we can shift the cultural forces that still want to suppress and oppress our sexuality and power.

Fire Woman Retreat is unlike any other event: it is a combination of rich teachings, transformational healing, powerful rituals, playful evening events under the stars by firelight, and group witnessing that allows for big personal and collective breakthroughs.



It’s time. 

Now is the moment. 

This is the year.

Right now. 

We're on a mission. 

Will you join us?

Together we are powerful. 

With support, we can own our power and sexuality and heal our collective sexual wounds.

Come be with a committed group of people who are ready to own their power and lift each other up. 

You are more ready than you think you are.  

Your healing, exploration and internal compass will guide you to the experience that will help you make your own paradigm shift, because that’s where it starts. 

It’s always an inside-out job. 

Let’s create this powerful trans-inclusive women’s space together. 

Let’s move the things that have kept us small and held us back. 

Let’s create more fun, play, joy and power from the sexual core inside each of us, so that together we can create a lasting cultural shift.

Fire Woman Retreat

This September, women are gathering to get out of the cultural story we are fed about sexuality and who we are “supposed” to be as sexual people, and into our own true power and agency.





· Gain sexual confidence

· Release the burdens and shame that have held you back and feeling like you are "not enough"

· Get clear about who you are sexually right NOW, and what you really desire

· Learn to stand for yourself, set boundaries and own your own desires

· Embrace and radically love your body

· Learn new sexual and erotic skills you can use immediately to improve sex

When you embark on this sexual journey of awakening, when you commit to a path of sexual healing and embracing your own sexual agency and power, you…

· Develop ways to show up as emotionally powerful in your relationships

· Move towards deeper intimacy and rocking sex

· End the divisions between your spiritual path and your sexuality

· Experience ecstatic Play and Sacred Theater to awaken the part of you that wants more play and adventure 

· Welcome profound pleasure and joy in all of life

· Express yourself authentically

· Direct your sexual energy to the things you want to use it for

· Explore how cultural archetypes live in, and impact you

· Release your patterns of self-abandonment and come home to yourself

Nora Livingston

"I have blossomed into a sexual being who feels strong in myself, confident with lovers and supported by this wonderful community of women."

Tami Fry

"I'm more alive...this is one of the best experiences I've ever had. Life-changing."

Lilly Saouli

"Coming together, the energy of the event, the healing we have done, the fire itself, it's just an amazing event. It was incredible. 

I loved it."

Fire Woman Testimonials


Women of all ages are welcome at the Fire Woman Retreat—we’ve had women in their 20s all the way up to their 70s come to our classes and events. 

The Retreat welcomes women of all sexual orientations, all relationship styles, all ethnic backgrounds and religions. No matter how you come to identify as a woman, if you do, you are welcome here and we welcome our transgender sisters and non-binary folks identified female at birth. 

The Fire Woman Retreat is for you if you’re ready to embark on this journey to embrace yourself fully and experience sexuality to the depths. Whether you are sovereignly single or in a relationship, the time is NOW to break through and step fully into your own sexual agency and power. 

Becoming a Woman On Fire means you embrace your sexual energy, sexual core and sexual power so you can use it to create the things you are here to create. It means you aim to unapologetically claim your power with confidence, self-intimacy and authenticity. 


Woman On Fire?


Opening Ceremony begins at 1pm on Friday, September 27. If you are flying in, you’ll want to arrive in San Diego the day before. The retreat concludes at 5pm on Sunday, September 29. We may offer a pre-event Thursday night to get everything started!


The Fire Garden, 30418 N River Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003

(50 miles north San Diego International Airport or about 60 miles south of Orange County John Wayne Airport)

If you are bringing a car, just let us know so we can reserve parking for you.


We have reserved a block of rooms at the nearby Courtyard Oceanside Marriott (a 15 minute drive from the Fire Garden), with rooms at $139/night for a king or two queens. 

If you want to stay right on the land, there are limited camping spots available for $69 for the whole weekend — however showers will not be available. You would want to bring a solar shower or know that you’ll get a little gritty.


We are offering a meal package, catered by a talented local chef. You can pay in advance and all of your meals will be ready for you. Due to land restrictions we cannot cook on the land. You can bring your own food if it does not need to be cooked. We recommend that you bring any snacks or special comfort foods and drinks you will want to have.






I believe that women who are on fire, turned on, and powerful in their sexuality and their lives will heal the world. 

Come join me and the community of Fire Women to celebrate your sexuality as sacred.

Growing up with Military Dad and Recovering-Catholic-Proudly-Sandra-Dee-Mom, I had no other choice but to become a sex educator just to sail the shaky waters of human experience and help my family survive. 

Actually they don’t really take sex advice from me. 

That’s okay. Thousands of others have improved their lives, boosted their confidence, learned the art of asking for what they want and gotten it, stepped into their power, learned to radically love their bodies, showed up as emotionally powerful in their relationships, rock-starred their mid-life with the best sex ever, and put in perspective and practice the very real and important role sexuality was meant to play in their lives under my tutelage.

Hi, I'm Amy Jo Goddard, the host of Fire Woman.

I’m truly blessed to get to do the work I do.  

I’ve been teaching sexuality and sexual empowerment for over 20 years. What I’ve seen in my two decades of teaching sexuality is that there comes a time in a woman’s life when she’s ready to stop settling and to embrace her sexual self in order to feel whole, free and vitally alive.

Why am I teaching adults about sexuality? I set out on a path to teach sexuality because my path was hard when I was young—and I’ve seen that most adults never get the sexual guidance they need. I knew I could create powerful, beautiful, unique experiences where people could go deep, clear their shame and all of what holds them back, and celebrate who they are as sexual beings.

I'm the author of Woman on Fire: 9 Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence, co-author of Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men and contributing author of All About Sex: A Family Resource Guide on Sex and Sexuality. You can check out my TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power” and I am director & producer of the forthcoming documentary, At Your Cervix, (

I have a Master's degree in Human Sexuality Education from New York University and I have trained with some of the best. Yet it's the 20+ years of teaching sexuality to sexuality professionals, medical students, college students, young people and other adults just like you who want more fulfilling sexual and relationship lives that has been my greatest training. You can check out my TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power” to get a sense of my approach.

My path was hugely personal—and it brought me into doing this work so I could help other people have a less shameful, less painful experience of sex—and more play, pleasure and fun in their relationships.

After living and teaching in New York City for nearly 20 years, I now live in my home state of California, splitting my time between Los Angeles and Napa because I love food, nature and beauty! And cats. 



Register now at TIER 1, with one payment and save!


Fire Woman Tier One tickets available until they sell out and then prices go up. 

Get your ticket TODAY to get in on this.


Get all the bells and whistles: An event pre-call with Amy Jo, an exclusive lunch with Amy Jo & other teachers at the retreat, a special toy/book bundle and follow up after the event. 


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What happens at Fire Woman Retreat?

It can be difficult to imagine what will happen at a women's sexual empowerment retreat.

It is one of the most unique experiences you will ever have.

Fire Woman Retreat is a totally unique event where you learn through experiential teachings, heal and move energy through ritual, witness others and feel the power of being witnessed right where you are, get to be in choice and to examine your own desire and try on new skills so you walk away more clear about what you want sexually, and where you are not showing up in your full power. Fire Woman is absolutely transformational. 

Fire Woman Retreat is designed for your success.

We will hold you and meet you right where you are so you can break through the patterns that have held you back, kept you small and unsatisfied, and help you move into a place of true sexual agency and fulfillment as a woman in a culture that does not always support us to do that. 

There is nothing better in a journey to sexual empowerment than to be with other women in a live space.



Meet the Teachers

Triambika Ma Vive


Special Guest Experts & Priestesses

Roxanne De Palma

Kivi Niemi

Jacq Jones

Esi Wildcat


Mira Joleigh

More teachers, performers and guests will be announced soon...

So often we feel really alone with our sexual struggles and like “I’m the only one”. We need to hear each other’s stories so we know we are not alone. At Fire Woman Retreat the community will lift each other up. You will meet women who you will form deep friendships with and who will be in your life for a long long time if you choose. You need community, you need to be witnessed and you need to be loved. You need the company of other women and to be in a place where sexuality is honored as sacred. Because we grow most in our relationships, as you journey with other women who are also committed to their sexual journey and growth, you will form powerful bonds like no other. Profound healing happens when we are in sisterhood and it allows us to overcome the ways we are socialized to compete with each other and be suspicious of one another and to instead, learn to support and love each other, as well as ourselves. That alone is life-transforming.

You’ll get to experience the sexual life stories of women and deepen your own self-intimacy and intimacy with others through profound witnessing, healing and ritual. You will never feel alone again with the things that have kept you isolated—you will leave what you no longer need on the land and you’ll take with you a new sense of agency, freedom and wholeness that will transform your entire life. It’s time to heal and let go so you can make room for all you are ready to bring in!

There is nothing typical about this event! You are going to experience an elaborate Sexual Archetype Ritual where you will meet embodied archetypes that will talk with you and help you explore who you are and how you are impacted by cultural ideas of sexuality. You will get to play at the Erotic Carnival where you’ll be encouraged to explore things that are totally new in a safe environment. You’ll get to dress up and embody aspects of your sexuality that you’ve kept hidden or haven’t even known. These three days will take place in a stunning natural landscape that will help you connect with your own sexiness and desire and nourish your sexual energy. You will leave with so many tools for living a turned-on, lit-up, on-fire life, there’s no way that won’t be transformative!

4 Reasons Fire Woman Retreat is the Single, Most Important Event 

You'll Attend All Year... 





You will shed the judgments and fears that have kept you small and contained and define a whole new framework of sexuality that you will take home and integrate into your life so that you stop feeling guilty for your desires and who you are, and you start going for what you really want. You will tap into your inner Wild Woman and follow her instincts to the place that you were meant to be: a wholly fulfilled, confident, authentic woman who stands in her full power without apology. With that, there is nothing you can’t do.

Register now at TIER 1, with one payment and save!


Fire Woman Tier One tickets available until they sell out and then prices go up. 

Get your ticket TODAY to get in on this.


Get all the bells and whistles: An event pre-call with Amy Jo, an exclusive lunch with Amy Jo & other teachers at the retreat, a special toy/book bundle and follow up after the event. 


Register now at TIER 1 with 5 easy monthly payments!






what to want, who to want, who to partner with, how to dress and how to have sex ‘the right way.’

That cultural story is based on an inauthentic idea of sexuality—not on the real sexuality of women. It’s created, packaged and sold back to us and becomes a vaguely attainable ideal of sex and sexuality that most of us never have or even want.

In fact, our sexuality is used against us and is often suspect, so we learn to put it away, ignore it or see it as dangerous. Or we allow it to be commodified and defined from the outside by other people.

As women, we are told who to be sexually,

If we challenge this story and put ourselves out there in a powerful way, if we say what we think and what we want, we are called ballbusters, bitches, nasty women, sluts, whores… the list of insults is long.

If our gender expression isn't what the culture deems appropriate, we are stereotyped and questioned.

The truth is that a woman who owns her sexuality and her power is dangerous. 

Because a woman who owns it challenges the status quo.

In this limiting cultural soup, how do you figure out what you want? What does it mean to claim your sexual agency and power?

If you want to do that, the FIRE WOMAN RETREAT is the place for you.

Fire Woman is a feminist, LGBT/Queer Positive space.

…Women, people of color and queer folks will change the cultural paradigm

...We need a break from patriarchy and the world telling us who to be sexually in order to understand our true desires

...When we witness each other, powerful healing and shifts happen--witnessing is an essential component of women's circles and the Fire Woman Retreat

…Most of us have shame, guilt and/or trauma around sexuality that needs to be healed. That healing is possible for every single one of us. You are not broken. 

..Time in nature replenishes us and reminds us of our sexual life force and erotic truth. What is more erotic than nature?

...We deny ourselves the things we truly desire because we have been taught that our desires don't matter and that it's our job to take care of everyone else. We can end that pattern, and we must if we want to own our true power.

What I know is…

Join me for Fire Woman Retreat. 

It will be a choice you will be elated to have made.

We get it, and we want more for women.

Find your "yes." Give yourself more.

With Love & Respect for this Journey,

Amy Jo

...Orgasm and pleasure are essential to our lives, our relationships, our creations, our art and our happiness and they are never extraneous AND…many people have shame about their inability to have orgasms, about their level of desire or about their experience of sex.

…It's essential that we play and feel good or why else are we even here?!

The good news is that all of that is possible. 

This is what Fire Woman Retreat is all about.

The Fire Garden is located in Bonsall, CA in North San Diego County.

Our Beautiful Location for the Weekend...

Get Ready To Get Turned On, Plugged In & Fired Up. You have everything you need within you. 

Let's build your Fire.

“Before I started this work I was feeling very stuck and trapped in my sexuality—and had been for years. I had looked for effective support elsewhere but hadn’t found it. I knew this was impacting all areas of my life; my energy, passion, confidence, power, career and self-expression. Amy Jo’s experience, confidence, commitment and facilitation skills are invaluable… She plans and executes an extraordinary journey in a flawless way for the whole community. Now having done her program, I am joyful, full of life and connected. I feel like I’ve gotten my groove back—and then some! For the first time in my life, I have a healthy relationship to sex. To any woman considering this work, don’t hesitate: say yes!”


"Before I came to the FW Retreat, I was in transition after 9 months of difficulty and challenging growth. I chose to do this work because I wanted to grow into my potential and step into my power. The most valuable parts of the retreat have been the releasing and healing - but also supporting other people's processes. I love this community! I'm ready for abundance of joy, play and pleasure and release. Thank you. To the women who are considering this work, it is paradigm-shifting, important, required work - YOLO!"

~Christina Dwight

"Before this work, I was sexually repressed and inexperienced. I chose to attend because I want to release the repression and open up to receive and give pleasure more fully. I have LOVED sharing the safety, energy and voice and kindred women - the safe space to explore sexuality in its many forms without judgment, shame, or embarrassment. I'm walking away empowered to experiment and explore. If you're considering it - do it! Be prepared to show up authentically."

~Kim M.

What people are saying about Amy Jo & Fire Woman...

Amber Smith

"I learned about features of my sexuality I was even able to articulate. My world was blown. 

I feel lighter, happier, more liberated."

"The weekend was an experience of embracing my body and spirit, being in a safe container for exploring—which is huge. The absence of men helped create safety for me; the positive force was such a wonderful mix of women, women of color, different sexual orientations. I totally enjoyed the Erotic Carnival, feeling like a kid wanting to get to each event. I loved dancing out in the sun, all ages of women in our beauty, the feel of sun and breeze on my body, filled with joy. I return to my partner with more focus of presence, fewer obstructions and tensions from past cultural messages. We continue to spend long hours in love-making which heals, revealing my own stuff/layers to work with.

It's the gift too of a slowed-down life. I am grateful."

~Pamela Dintaman

"Such an incredible group of women. Amy Jo Goddard, I so loved how you brought an element of play to shadow work, we could visit the archetypes, interact in embodied way, and see the shadow with grace. Community provides immunity! Thank you for your work. Thank you to the team of sexually free authentic women. Incredible balance of psychology, spirituality, play, community, and dance."

~Barbara White

Frequently Asked Questions

I am heterosexual/monogamous/polyamorous/lesbian/queer/genderqueer/a sex worker/a mom...Is this retreat for me?

This retreat is for woman-identified people and non-binary folks identified female at birth, regardless of sexual orientation, relationship style, parental status, or experience as a sex worker. A wide range of women attend Fire Woman, as well as non-binary folks. This is a place for exploration and part of our mission as a sex-positive space is that we make room for everyone and there is no pressure to be something you are not.

I'm a trans woman/non-binary/trans man. Is this retreat trans-inclusive?

If you are a trans woman or non-binary person who was identified female at birth you are welcome here. This is a trans-inclusive women's space. If you identify as a man of any kind, both cis and trans, this is not the space for you. We thank you for respecting that.

What exactly do you DO at a sexual empowerment retreat?

It's normal for people to be curious about what this kind of event looks like. It's a combination of experiential teaching (which means you are doing and participating--not just listening and taking notes), group ritual, healing work, skills-based practice, dress up and play, dancing, live music, entertainment and introspection. As for the details, you'll have to come in order to experience it! We ask that you trust the process. The curriculum is tried and true. If you resonate with what you have read on our website and you feel called to come, trust that. It's the place for you. Amy Jo and all of the teachers have been doing this work for a long time and are very skilled. We can hold you where ever you are. 

I'm not into camping. Do I have to camp?

Absolutely not! Camping is an option for those who want to stay on the land and enjoy it. If you don't, we recommend you reserve a room at the Marriott under our room block (ends September 17) or procure other accommodations.

Will there be food available? Will there be vegan/gluten free/dairy free options? What do I need to bring?

Yes, there will be healthy, appealing food available and we always make sure to offer options that are vegan/gluten free/dairy free. We will send you information about pre-ordering food before the event. Keep a lookout for that.

Is alcohol, cannabis, and other drug use appropriate?

No. This is a substance-free event for many reasons. One important reason for this is that many people are accustomed to using alcohol, marijuana or other substances to "loosen up" or let their inhibitions down sexually, and can rely on it. We want you to be able to fully experience this work sober and for all participants to have a lucid space. We ask that you respect this boundary should you decide to attend. If you cannot, this is not the right time for you to be here. Know that we will have herbal tinctures and teas available to help people with anxiety or other emotional states that may arise at "The Womb."

I'm anxious/nervous. How do I know this is right for me?

You feel it. You feel the pull. You feel the resonance and the desire to be here. Anxiety and excitement feel the same in the body so it can be hard sometimes to know which it is. Often, it's both. Some nervousness is absolutely natural! We do a good job of welcoming all participants and helping you to feel at home at the Fire Garden. You will find the space welcoming and nurturing, as well as challenging at times, because the topic of sexuality is by nature all of that. There will be plenty of support for you when you arrive. You won't be alone. Please let us know if you need some extra support and we will do our very best to provide it.

I'm healing from a sexual violation. Is this retreat safe for me?

This is a good question and it depends. If you are still very raw from a recent sexual violation and in need of acute therapeutic care, this may be too soon after for you to attend. If you have experienced some kind of sexual assault or violation and you have done some work on it, received some support or moved through the initial phases of it, this retreat is an excellent space to go deeper in your healing and release. We will be doing rituals over the weekend to assist with this. It's critically important. 

I've never been sexually violated. Is this retreat only for people who have experienced some kind of sexual abuse?

This retreat is not about sexual violation, although we will certainly address it. It is about holistic sexuality. People come for all sorts of reasons, from wanting to discover more about their desire, wanting to spark up their long-term relationship, wanting to love and embrace their bodies more, wanting more pleasure, wanting to heal sexual trauma or shame, wanting to overcome guilty feelings about sex, wanting to explore their attraction to other women, wanting to discover more about who they are as sexual people and so forth. 

Whatever your reason for attending Fire Woman, it is a valid one and there will be something rich for you here.


Here is a short video with more FAQ's that are not listed below.

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