14 09, 2017

Sexual Possibility After Divorce

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I have made a bold declaration over the last several years, the years since my divorce. Divorce is a developmental stage of adulthood. Every adult who is in partnership will, at some point lose a partner to divorce or death and will have to find their way again. The question is: What will we create [...]

18 08, 2017

How White Supremacy and Misogyny Connect

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This past weekend I was honored to go see a man whose music I grew up on and loved shine his heart-light on a crowd of adoring long-time fans. Neil Diamond is a gem, one of the greatest songwriters of our modern world, and a true gentleman. He ended his show as I predicted, encoring [...]

23 06, 2017

“Is it Possible to Drop Our Identities And Just Be Human?”

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I was listening to the Dalai Lama talk this morning in San Diego about how much happier and less lonely we’d be if we saw ourselves as one human family and stopped disconnecting and separating ourselves from one another with “I’m this” and “You’re that.” At Los Angeles Pride last weekend Adam Lambert repeated a [...]

6 04, 2017

The Connection Between Sexuality & Spirituality

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Often made complicated, the connection between spirituality and sexuality is so much more simple than we make it. Spirituality is our connection to our spirit, to the non-physical aspects of self. We grow our spirituality to grow as an eternal being, as a life-force beyond this physical plane. Our spirituality gives us a purpose for [...]

31 03, 2017

Why Facebook Censors Sex Educators

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Many sex educators, myself included, have found themselves unable to promote their workshops and offerings on Facebook's advertising platform because Facebook deems it to be explicit. In this Facebook Live session, we talk about the environment of censorship and repression that surrounds sexuality--the source of so much pain for many people and something we fight [...]

31 01, 2017

3 Myths About Sex that Keep Couples Disconnected

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Because sexuality is so personal and private, we don’t talk enough about it. Even in this age when we can pull up all kinds of info about sex on the web, it’s easy to get stuck in the caverns of our own minds, confused about sex and attached to beliefs that just aren’t true. If [...]

20 01, 2017

A Thank You Note to President Obama, US Citizen

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On a day when so many prepare to march in protest to the newly inaugurated President, I want to take a moment to celebrate the great man who has just left the office.  Let the focus today be on true legacy. What Obama did for women, LGBTQ folks, and acceptance of all who are different [...]

9 01, 2017

What Social Justice, Pleasure & Consent Have in Common

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Social Justice is sexy in the way that consent is sexy. When people are cared for, when their needs and desires are met, when they are invited to participate—whether it’s in democracy or sex—when we choose to work collaboratively, it’s hot. It’s attractive. It’s something people want to be a part of. It’s infectious. There [...]

23 12, 2016

13 Reasons to Have Hope Around Sexuality, Justice and the World in 2017

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Most of us would agree that 2016 has been a challenging year, with so much loss, grief, polarization and despair. We've gone through a lot as a culture and as a nation and certainly, individuals are going through their own deep pain on a personal level as we feel what is happening in our world. [...]

19 12, 2016

Intersectionality & What It Means to “Call In”

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In the sexuality field we have been having rich conversations over the last many years about both intersectionality and what it means to “call someone in” rather than “call them out.” Too often when we have an issue with something someone has done or said we feel the need to “call them out” and tell [...]