Expanding Your Erotic Possibilities with Ecosexuality

How to Plan the Perfect Sexcation

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It’s summer and everyone is scattering on their adventures. Sometimes you don’t merely need a vacation where you can have fun and relax, you need a sexcation where you take time out of your busy schedule to not only relax and unplug, but to … [Continue reading]

Heteronormativity is NOT the same as Heterosexuality

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage

 Well, here we are in the age of marriage equality. Right? Or are there more things to consider? While I am happy for the people who want to get married and couldn’t before June 27, 2015, I think we must keep asking ourselves what equality … [Continue reading]

Excerpt from Woman On Fire: Pilar’s Journey to Her Sexual Voice


I am about to release my second book, Woman On Fire: Nine Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence. This week I want to share with you one of the women’s stories from the book. Their stories are incredible! … [Continue reading]

The Trans* Movement: An Opportunity for All of Us To “Transition”


We are in such an important moment in time around gender. In the twenty years I’ve been in the sexuality field, the literature around gender, and in particular, transgender issues has erupted into a field of serious study and we have learned so … [Continue reading]

My Journey to Orgasm & What It Got Me


In my TEDx talk “Own Your Sexual Power” I talked about how I was shamed by my mother for touching my genitals (and enjoying their smell) when I was eight or nine years old. What I didn’t share in my talk was that I literally stopped touching … [Continue reading]

“Cheating” is Not a Black and White Affair

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When a person experiences the infidelity of a partner in a relationship, it can really rock their world. Finding out your lover transgressed the commitments they made to you and to your relationship can feel like a big betrayal. Women often go into a … [Continue reading]

The 5 Most Common Orgasm Issues That Keep Us From Our Pleasure


There are about five super common ways women hold themselves back from pleasure and orgasm—I would say so common, that if they were considered a public health issue (which is debatable) they would be called an epidemic. Let’s talk about the most … [Continue reading]

How Microaggressions Shut Down Desire

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I have two women’s groups right now and in both of them I am struck by how much difficulty surrounds the topic of desire. I hear women talk about how hard it is to give to themselves, and how hard it can be to receive. What is it that … [Continue reading]

Where Arousal, Willingness and Desire Meet


Since the inception of sexual science, just as was the case with modern Western medicine, we have studied data about sexuality, how we respond sexually, and how we treat sexual issues based largely on research on males, which is then extrapolated to … [Continue reading]